Installation and Integration

AV Solutions specializes in system installations ranging from classrooms, to complex boardrooms and stadiums.   Our systems offer integrated control of LCD/multimedia projectors, room lighting, audio and video equipment. Our sales specialists will consult with you to gain an understanding of your company’s goals and objectives, then create a customized integration solution incorporating the latest in technology to maximize your space, objectives and overall presentation needs.  Once we have developed a solution for you, we can then coordinate the purchase and installation of equipment.

This provides a turnkey solution for you and your company. We understand the need for companies to design and integrate an effective presentation system within a boardroom, conference room, corporate headquarters, or training facility. At your request, we can provide site surveys, product demonstrations and detailed quotations.

In today’s high-tech fast-paced world of audio-visual there are often many products that need to work together in order to properly make the presentation a success. The integration and installation of these products may be complex as there are literally millions of products on the market and trying to Integrate or make them work together seamlessly can be a real challenge. Each manufacturer does things differently and when planning we need to provision for these challenges.

Even for the pros, we sometimes need to sit down and think about the best way to accomplish this.  To decide the best ways to have some products remain “invisible” performing vital behind the scenes functions, yet be simple to use and still achieve the desired results. Setting up a line of products, then Integrating them to form one incredible system is our passion.  Installing this new system is where we perform our magic.