AV Solutions Projectors and Projection Screens


The centre piece of any presentation environment is the display unit. And there is no better way to display than with the new generation of computer-based data and video projectors.

AV Solutions provides a full range of projectors that range in size, beginning at 2 pounds, from industry leading manufacturers to support your presentation needs.

Two key factors you should consider are:

1) Resolution – the number of pixels of information that make up an image. The more pixels – the higher the resolution – and the better the image quality.

2) Brightness – A key factor in the measurement of any projector’s performance – normally indicated in ANSI lumens (American National Standard Institute standard for measuring brightness of a display device)

Selecting the LCD projector that’s right for you….

LCD projectors are revolutionizing the way people communicate in business, education, government and entertainment because they make it possible to bring bold, colourful electronic presentations to anyone, anywhere in the world. LCD projectors enable you to take full advantage of today’s presentation software by creating a multi-sensory experience for your audience that engages all the senses with image and sound. LCD projectors are also remarkably easy to transport, set up and use. And, because they allow you display computer and video images as well as audio information, they maximize your flexibility — and your ability to make an impact. With this powerful technology at your command, you’ll find your own image enhanced as well.

Projection Screens

Projecting without a screen is like taking pictures with a great camera that’s loaded with second-rate film. Sub-Par results.

AV Solutions carries projection screen models in most any size. Whether it’s an electric screen concealed in the ceiling, a manual pull-down screen mounted to a wall, or a portable for those meetings on the go, we are here to assist you in making the right decision.