AV Solutions Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboards Technology

Students, educators, trainers and presenters are benefiting from interactive whiteboard technology that allows them to share their ideas interactively without compromise. Once you conduct presentations using interactive whiteboards, you will wonder how you ever managed to work without one.

Engage and Contribute

Share presentations and collaborate live in a digital whiteboard space. Remote users and participants are accountable and engaged as everyone contributes whether they are in the conference room or remote locations.

Annotate and Interact

Annotate and draw on top of any application, website or document. You can highlight and edit projected materials, use shapes to focus attention on key areas and illustrate or diagram concepts.

Collaborate and Visualize

Create interactive presentations and brainstorms. Import your own images, snapshots and office files to visualize concepts. Write, draw, organize and manipulate content on an unlimited supply of digital whiteboards.

Save and Share

Presentations, annotations, notes and brainstorms all save into a comprehensive file. Save time with post meeting tasks by sharing all your material, visualizations and notes right from the application.

Effective communication, idea generation and dispersal of information are important elements of productive meetings. Whether your team members are most productive in one-on-one informal collaborations or formal presentations and trainings, AV Solutions has the solution to capture, inspire and distribute information so that you never lose an innovative idea and make decisions effectively and efficiently.