Flat screen displays are large, completely flat panel monitors that have no picture tube, allowing for a sixty-inch or larger monitors, while having a thin profile. With their thin space-saving design and minimal weight, flat panel displays can be installed where conventional displays would never fit. They can be hung from walls, suspended from ceilings, or even mounted vertically.

This versatility allows flat screen displays to be used everywhere from boutiques, art galleries, to banks, hospitals and airports. Flat panel technology makes possible a totally flat screen, so images are clear and bright with a viewing angle of more than 160° in both horizontal and vertical directions. Since the picture can be viewed from virtually any angle, flat panel displays are ideal for presentations, public information displays and home applications. There is no distortion or unevenness in the picture at the corners or edges.

The result is a crisp, clear reproduction of even the finest details. One of the biggest advantages of flat panel technology is that it is completely immune to magnetic fields.   This makes it ideal for use in any environment subject to electrical interference such as power generation facilities, factories, ships, railway stations, hospitals and home theatre applications.

Video Walls

Transform any space into an engaging, entertaining and informative experience with a video wall from Christie. From broadcast to retail, corporate lobbies to university hubs, and military command centers to emergency operation centers, Christie’s video wall technology can meet the most demanding display requirements.