Here at AV Solutions we offer a wide variety of products and installation options.

At AV Solutions, we realize the importance of “seamless control” that is radically simple so that a system can be used to it’s full capacity, by everyone who sets out to make a presentation… Read More
Here’s a technology that has almost unlimited potential for training, education and corporate uses. Electronic whiteboards are interactive and essential for collaborative work, both on-site and between remote locations….Read More


With their thin space-saving design and minimal weight, flat panel displays can be installed where conventional displays would never fit. They can be hung from walls, suspended from ceilings, or even mounted vertically…. Read More
The centre piece of any presentation environment is the display unit. And there is no better way to display than with the new generation of computer-based data and video projectors…. Read More
At AV Solutions we look forward to working with our clients to ensure a sound system that will offer all the functionality required, that will last and is scalable to grow with you if and when the need arises. … Read More
Video conferencing is now an essential tool for many businesses and key organizations, including education, government bodies, the emergency services and the health sector. Video is a highly effective medium for announcements, training, meetings, project management, and even recruitment… Read More