1. Video Conferencing

Don’t keep clients waiting while you try to fiddle  with an outdated video conferencing system. Today’s video conferencing systems offer high-definition video, crystal-clear audio and user-friendly interfaces. They make it feel like you’re talking to someone in the same room, so it’s easier to conduct business. Video conferencing brings many business benefits including reduced spending on staff time and travel expenses. You can also connect instantly with people from all over the world, enabling you to develop closer relationships and collaborate better with all of your existing and potential clients.


2. Room Management Systems

Ever walk into the wrong meeting room or unsure which room your meeting is held in? Management systems are great to implement as they ensure and help you avoid these instances. Devices with flat touchscreens can be mounted outside meetings rooms, giving access to full information about booking schedules. 

Rooms can be booked by using email systems, cloud-enabled devices or in person. There’s even a function on the touchscreen to report faulty equipment. If you have more than one meeting room, management systems like this allow you to save money by providing data about no shows, spontaneous bookings and underused rooms. 


3. Presentation Systems

There is no need to waste time on flash drives or connector cables any more. A product like the Barco Clickshare enhances meetings and presentations by providing a wireless streaming system not to mention it’s  incredibly simple to use. The person giving a presentation plugs in the Clickshare button through a USB port. The button is about the size of a computer mouse with a single round button on it. When clicked, it connects wirelessly to a Clickshare base unit which transmits the content via video cable to the main communal display. All processing and screen resolution optimization is taken care of automatically. 


4. Control Systems

Meetings go much more smoothly with today’s intuitive control systems. Whether it is quick-dial video conferencing using a touch screen or interactive touch screens, content can be shared and used in collaboration more readily than ever. These are controls are so advance that it’s not only limited to one room. Use a control system to manage multiple rooms at once. 


5.  Thoughtful AV Technology

How many square metres of your boardroom is taken up by bulky equipment? You can make better use of space by investing in wall mounted speakers and screens, processing units can either be significantly reduced in size or done away with altogether by migrating to a cloud system. It’s hard to work well in a boardroom that feels like a storage room with excess equipment. With thoughtful AV design,  AV equipment can be built in and around the room, for example with microphones in the ceiling and integral cameras. Well designed AV furniture frees up space and makes meetings feel much more comfortable. It enables the people using the room to focus and use it for what it’s intended to be used for. 

A perfect example of thoughtful technology, the Shure Microflex ceiling array microphone blends seamlessly in with existing ceiling tiles. It can be mounted in 3 different ways depending on the design of room and is extremely user friendly. It functions just as great as it looks. To learn more about this product Click here 

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