When it comes to audio management vs video management, audio management is often times overlooked as we typically pay much more attention to video quality than we do audio quality. Organizations nowadays are switching over to non traditional mics as they begin to realize that audio quality is just as important as camera/video quality. Mic systems implemented today are a lot more advanced, users no longer need to share a mic or worry about adjusting and configuring mic placement each time it’s being used and more importantly almost zero interruptions. Keep reading to find out what mic system has captured our attention and the attention of clients we’ve implemented this mic system for. 

The Shure Microflex Microphone comes in two different designs. The first one is a ceiling microphone that mimics the look of a ceiling tile. It can be installed in a variety of different ways. The second mic is a table top microphone with the same technology  but a lot more compact and made to serve a smaller group of people in a relatively smaller space. It uses array to capture where sound is coming from and transmits it back. 

MXA310-The table top array 

The table top array mic can be placed right in the centre of a table. Table top arrays are ideal for meetings where the number of people vary and tables used within these rooms are smaller and more compact. Click on the image below for a closer look.

  • The MXA310 has approximately a four-inch diameter round microphone array.

  • A multi hue segmented LED ring.

  • Four capacitive touch mute buttons.

  • Multiple configurable patterns including:  omni, cardioid, bi-directional (two cardioids pointing in opposite directions) and what they call “toroid” pattern. The latter is a donut shaped coverage area intended to reject sound from directly overhead, as one would experience from HVAC. A browser based interface is available to configure polar patterns, the behaviour of the light-ring, and the mute buttons.

MXA910-The ceiling microphone array

The ceiling microphone array is ideal for larger rooms that hold a larger number of people at different times. Traditionally long rectangular tables can be found in these boardrooms/ meeting rooms. These microphones are configured to capture up to eight discrete listening areas with coverage for up to 21 seats within a meeting.

  • The MXA910 is a two foot by two foot square. 

  • Configurable with up to eight “beams” or lobes, each of which can be narrow (35 degrees), the “footprint” of the individual beams at the designated listeners height.

  • The ceiling array is capable of picking up users beyond 30 feet.

  • A “self-configured” utility is always available, allowing beams to be automatically configured by listening to talkers in the room.

  • Configurable coverage- configure up to eight pick up patterns in three dimensions and adjust them for uniform acoustic performance throughout the room.

  • Each ceiling array lobe can be steered towards a participant using the auto configuration mode in the control software for quick audio setup and capture.

  • Flexible networking- Mix, route and manage the signals from up to eight coverage areas as discrete channels on a Dante, network over a single Ethernet cable.

  • A individual auto mix channel provides added flexibility. 

What happens if the room seats more than 11 people? 

If a room seats more than 11 people, a secondary MXA910 ceiling array can be installed. Your AV designer will advise you on where to best place the secondary ceiling array mount before installation. In a larger conference room two MXA910 would equate to 14 coverage areas. Another important thing to note, the ceiling array is capable of picking up users beyond 30 feet.


Mounting a table array microphone is pretty straight forward as it just sits in the centre of any table. As for the ceiling array microphone, there are 3 different ways to mount it.

Each is good for a different type of room and design:

  1. Flush Mount Installation- sits right in and blends in like a ceiling tile, lays flat and provides a  seamless look.

  2. Suspension Mount- suspended from the ceiling using 4 suspension cables on each corner and hangs from the ceiling. Great for flat ceiling surfaces with no ceiling tiles.

  3. VESA, Format Pole Mount- a hollow pole mounted from ceiling hides wires.

These options work great for any room and look. It’s versatile and provides many different solutions dependant on the room and personal preference. Click on the pictures below for a closer look.

For organizations that have the budget for it, they can be an excellent fit for a variety of spaces. It challenges the traditional lower cost, lower performance alternatives. It’s advance but extremely easy to use. The Shure microflex microphone will definitely be a way of the future. Consider these options when upgrading or building a  boardroom/ meeting room.

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