AV Technology in the Educational Sector

Technology in the educational sector is growing. We’re beginning to see schools adapting and incorporating different forms of technology into the classroom.  It’s important for schools to create spaces that foster an environment that prepares students for the real work force. From highly intelligible audio systems to interactive and easily connectable displays that keep […]

Projector Maintenance

Projector maintenance is extremely important as it directly effects how your projector performs and it’s ultimate lifespan. By maintaining your projector properly you can prevent future problems from occurring.

Keep reading to find out Why it’s important to maintain your projector. What are some of the causes and problems that typically occur with lack of maintenance […]

People are joining meetings in a multitude of different ways

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Top 5 Most Needed Upgrades For a Boardroom

Is your boardroom due for an upgrade? Every so often it’s a good idea to look over your corporate facilities to see if there is something that can be changed to better serve your business. Just like renovating your home, revising your boardrooms and meeting spaces can often be about little changes, such as […]