People are joining meetings in a multitude of different ways

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Top 5 Most Needed Upgrades For a Boardroom

Is your boardroom due for an upgrade? Every so often it’s a good idea to look over your corporate facilities to see if there is something that can be changed to better serve your business. Just like renovating your home, revising your boardrooms and meeting spaces can often be about little changes, such as […]

Audio Management, not to be overlooked

When it comes to audio management vs video management, audio management is often times overlooked as we typically pay much more attention to video quality than we do audio quality. Organizations nowadays are switching over to non traditional mics as they begin┬áto realize that audio quality is just as important as camera/video quality. Mic […]

The Importance of Acoustic Design

The effectiveness and design of a meeting room has to do with a couple of different factors.

Such as:

The technology in it
The furniture
Physical interior design of the room

Conference room acoustics are often overlooked in the overall design process. Unfortunately, problems are a lot more noticeable when the room is finally put to […]